Welcome, or should I say “Hallo!”

I’m Dimitris Hall. I’m from Nea Smyrni, a municipality/suburb directly to the south of Athens, Greece. I’m a μισός-μισός, a “half-and-half”, my constituent parts being Greek and Australian, which honestly doesn’t quite sound right, since the last time I was in Australia was more than 15 years ago, and that was just for holidays. I would take away a bit of Australia from my mix and add a bit of German, Austrian, Danish, Bulgarian, Dutch and Uruguayan back in. Just a tiny bit.

I’ve been working as the global editor and content manager for local travel blog network Spotted by Locals since January 2017. I’m also an Athens Spotter for the same network and a freelance EN->GR->EN translator. I occasionally even review books and even more occasionally video games. I prefer calling my reviews ‘just like my opinions’ nowadays.

I love typology (I’m an INFP 4w5 in the MBTI and Enneagram respectively), pop science, progressive rock, listening to podcasts, cooking, jogging, exploring, riding my bicycle and, in the words of the great Douglas Adams, “people being nice to each other for a change”. I would add “being nice to non-human animals for a change”: I fully support sustainable veganism as a lifestyle but I’m more of a selective omnivore/flexitarian myself.

I hate single-use plastics and conspicuous consumption, wealth inequality, people mistaking assumed or received identities for unshakeable facts (ahem, nationalism), and picking up the phone to desperate companies trying to sell me stuff and services I don’t need.

What you’re seeing is a creative experiment. I don’t really know what I want Hallografik.ws to be or become – yet. I was delaying officially launching this website because I didn’t really know what to present it as, either – it this a professional or a personal ‘about me’? It’s definitely more personal than professional, but is that a bad thing? Perhaps not; perhaps, in my line of work, in my line of life, it can be both.

All I do know is that I enjoy writing and that I want to be doing more of it. I’d been simmering in a creative slump for some time -“who cares about what I might have to say?”– and what you see is the product of what happened when my urge to write finally grew stronger than my perception of how popular or interesting it might be for others to read; it was time to pull myself out of the bog and get working on the blog. In practice, that means sharing my thoughts, feelings and observations, maybe even making something a bit more ambitious along the way. It would be nice if you could join me on this little journey. Who knows where it might take us?

I am currently based in Athens, Greece.

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