This is not necessarily limited to music that came out last year, far from it; it’s some of the songs that stuck with me the most during 2017.

“The best pop song ever written?”
It’s certainly up there.

Specifically, “Limpid” (around 13:20). Chinese shoegaze — its genre and country of origin are far from the only things this one’s got going for it.

“This is the song that played when the Universe began.”

The ‘things are getting seriously clever’ theme.

Hate the lyrics, didn’t like the movie after getting floored by Whiplash, but this song is just so damn catchy!

The song that got me super-excited about To The Bone.

They were better than Royksopp at Release Festival, and this track (and Bad Kingdom) were a big part of it for me.

That’s not to say that the Norwegian duo didn’t make a spectacular appearance.

One of my most persistent earworms ever. Only watch the video before travelling by plane if you’ve got the balls/ovaries for it.

2017: the year I listened to In Rainbows for the first time. Hey, 10 years later is better than never, right?

First thing I heard when I randomly popped the first LP I grabbed from the top of a stack from my mother’s rather vast collection. Probably the only song by ELO I really like.

This cover touches something really tender inside of me. It’s somehow childishly erotic, it brings back to me the kind of feelings I would keep for my kindergarden crushes (yes that’s plural).

I don’t know what this kind of music counts as (new electro dark folk?) but please sir, can I have some more?

Desertfest 2017, man. What a band, what an absolutely jawdroppin’ smooth ‘n crunchy song!

I saw Devin live in 2017, but my top 2017 Devin SOTY wasn’t part of the show at Fuzz…

What, you thought I’d only have a single Steven Wilson song on here? Quaint. An A-side, no less?

Was tied between this and the Stable theme for the most evocative Breath of the Wild musical moment.

Let it grow, let it grow… let it blossom, let it flow… This song is my mental talisman and reminder of everything I learned about myself and others as a co-trainer for Event Wise in Olde Vechte. It goes straight to the heart — or the emotional centre, if you’re one of those types that are being too literal with the concept of the heart (like me sometimes).

Marilena and I were there (not the same concert but the same set of concerts == we were there two days before this one, on the 28th). Around 23:30 is where the tears started free-flowing. There are very few bands, if any, that have such a ready access to my waterworks.

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