Navigating through this band’s recent discography (all 244 or so records they’ve made in the last 3 years) is a feat on its own! The drums were the most earwormy part of this song for me. I was surprised to discover they have two drummers, actually.

Inspired by this podcast episode by Personality Hacker, in turn inspired by the death of Rush drummer Neil Peart and which put me, too, in a nice Rush mood. The song is about the freedom of driving a Red Barchetta in an imaginary future (“50 odd years” from the ’70s, when this song was written), at a time where driving has been banned.

Heard this song by complete chance on the 2nd program of ERT (Greece’s public radio & TV) on Christmas Eve. Awesome surprise, right? I already was a fan of VIC, but this new album of theirs has launched the band to legendary status. Can’t wait for their concert in Athens 2 weeks from now. See you there?

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