I truly believe in the power of synchronicity. It’s when things just happen: you think about someone after a long time and they appear in front of you; you read about a movie or book and then you hear about it again from someone else. Or you might happen to meet the right person at the right place at the right time, seemingly at random.

A fundamental teaching of magic and magical culture (at least as expressed in one of my favorite books, Real Magic by Dean Radin) is that “coincidences”, or synchronicities, happen around people who practice mindful intent – the clearer the intent, the more things happen to align themselves to one’s benefit. The more synchronicities one experiences, the more the Universe tells one they are on the right path, whatever that may be. Magic is simply the art of enchanting one’s life in order for more synchronicities to happen.

That’s why I myself am more Obi-Wan Kenobi than Han Solo: I don’t really believe there is such a thing as luck, randomness or coincidence. I do believe that what we perceive as bad luck could just be a symptom of being out of sync with one’s true path or self. Disbelief in magic and meaningful synchronicity itself could act as a repellent for possible windfalls. Conversely, the experience of synchronicity is akin to a thumbs-up, a wink from the Universe. It’s a reminder that life’s a beautiful, mysterious game that might be possible to “hack” in the most simple yet cosmically mind-blowing ways.

So I decided to start a synchronicity diary. It’s true that things tend to happen more often the more you pay attention to them. So this should be a nod in the right direction.

Last week I completed a 21-day program on abundance authored by worldwide spirituality superstar Deepak Chopra. I was invited to it by a friend of Marilena’s and decided to put in the work and see it completion. Every day of the program involved a short meditation and some written exercises that usually had to do with some life reflection (“what’s a limiting belief? What are the people you admire and look up to? What are the people you feel uncomfortable around?”) or ceremonial focus of intention: for example, I had to write on a handful of receipts that the amount I spent on them was good and that it would come back to me sevenfold, or do simple reprogramming routines that aimed at changing abundance-limiting beliefs most of us have, at least to a certain degree, and which I certainly do have!

Well, on the last day, which was last Thursday, I did my final meditation while I was in a cafe in Exarcheia. I was forced to go there because back home they were drilling all day in the apartment next door so I had to flee if I wanted to get anything done that didn’t involve banging my head on my wall. So I took out my laptop, put on my earphones and started this Youtube video:

Then, as I was trying to keep my focus on my breath, repeat the given mantra and let go of mind noise (who knew thinking about nothing could be so darn hard?), I noticed that there was a beat playing in the background that synced perfectly with the meditation track above!

I tried to replicate the effect here at home but could not — you may try it yourself and let me know. It could be because they did not perfectly sync at all, or that the fact that I could only hear the bass through my earphones gave it the appearance of syncing up.

The point is, at that moment, it seemed so random, yet so perfect. It absolutely gave me confidence that what I was doing was “the right thing”.

You might say it was just a coincidence. You might be right. But before I sign off, I will leave you with some food for thought: what’s your threshold? Is there any kind of mysterious synchronicity that would make you go “this just can’t be a coincidence?” If yes, why? If not, why not?

See you next week!

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