This place has been rather quiet lately. My last post here was more than 8 months ago, and this blog wasn’t exactly teeming with life before, either.

Standing in the digital space of what used to be my dimension feels like returning to my teenage bedroom and coming face-to-face with a caricature of who I used to be. Still, caricatures are quite good at jogging the memory. Here it is, disused, but not as dusty as one would expect – 80% of dust consists of dead skin cells and here there’s no-one it can be shed off of, after all. The walls are still covered with posters of bands I still like (or think I do) but never listen to anymore, and the corkboards still have pictures pinned on them of my younger self together with old friends I’ve lost all contact with. Did they move away from me or did I move away from them? The question is as pointless yet painful as ‘why must there be death?’, or ‘can oil and water ever be lovers?’

In the almost 10 years I’ve had this blog, my WordPress backend tells me that I’ve written 985 posts – a respectable number, but way too close to 1,000 for comfort. If I’d kept posting my earworms and the handful of Goodreads and Game 2.0 reviews here I haven’t shared, I could have done it, but right now the achievement seems hopelessly trivial (it’s no accident I’m calling it that).

I’d been meaning to write this closing post for a longer time than I care to admit. What had been stopping me until now is that I thought I’d be ‘betraying’ a part of myself. I realised at some point that there’s no shame in letting the past be the past.

I was thinking recently what I feel about the entity Cubilone. Am I Cubilone? Hardly anyone calls me that anymore, because most people I share my life with today don’t remember the time I identified myself as Cubilone. They didn’t know me, and I wasn’t aware of their existence. In time, no-one will remember. But let’s not go there.

Are an acorn and the oak tree it grows into the same ‘thing’?

I am now 28 years old. White hairs have started to make their timely yet not wholly unwelcome appearance in my beard. The unibrow hairs I regularly pluck were the first ones to go white, actually. I started using the nickname Cubilone when I was 17. I can’t recall if it was for Hi5 (yikes), MySpace or some other website where I felt the need to hide behind a mysterious-sounding nickname. It was an alteration of the even older handle CuBiCLe, a nickname I had spontaneously chosen for myself to play CounterStrike with friends at DaSilva, the first hit netcafe in Nea Smyrni. When I chose that name for myself, I’d barely count as a teenager.

The me who first called himself Cubi.
Sometime around 2003, the me who first called himself Cubi. Or, if you’re catching pedant from reading me, an uncharacteristic photograph of me. What I can tell you is that, although I hated hairgel, I knew the cool kids loved it, and I was dying for their acceptance and appreciation.

For years I preferred not to talk too much about the true origins of the name Cubilone (and CuBiCLe) – as you can tell, they wouldn’t win any awards for originality. But now I wish to share this story with you in greater detail.

CuBiCLe’s true origins probably stem from ‘GameCube’ (I was an obsessed Nintendo fanboy at the time), but I really think it also had to do with reading/watching either The Sorcerer’s Stone or The Chamber of Secrets and subconsciously catching the word ‘cubicle’ from somewhere therein – Hogwarts toilets did feature rather prominently in both stories, after all.

Pretty soon, I was just Cubi. Eventually, I added the extra suffix “-lone” because it reminded me of ‘alone’ and it also kind of sounded Elvish. I don’t remember how vocal I had been about what the word ‘cubicle’ meant, but I definitely didn’t want to be going around introducing myself as ‘toilet or office compartment’.

In all honesty though, I don’t imagine I kept quiet for long – my humor was way more self-deprecating back then that it is now, and embarrassing myself for laughs is something I had not yet developed the pride to start avoiding. Today, I seek guidance from that part of me who didn’t feel threatened by the completely imaginary prospect of being embarrassed.

I have so many memories of love, friendship and joy connected with the name Cubi. It feels like by giving up on the name, I’m giving up on the memories, or even worse (?), the people I share them with. It is, however, some consolation that my memories of loved ones calling me that are probably just mine. You know, memories are some volatile, fleeting, malleable things; blindly assuming I share certain ones with people I care about is a recipe for disappointment. So I won’t assume that.

Still. For that, and for many other reasons, I know that I’m not giving up on the people, on the memories. That would be just me taking myself on my beloved guilt trips. No; this whole thing? It’s just about me. Just for me to grow out of my skin, leave my cozy, comfortable cocoon behind.

So, am I still Cubi? Am I QB, qb? Am I Cubilone? Today?

Cubilone is me. He’ll be me as long as I live. But I’m not Cubilone.

*holding breath*


This marks the end of Cubilone’s Dimension. This open diary I would turn to whenever I felt lonely and thought that writing something would make people in general interested in me or help them understand me, no longer serves me. It might still serve Cubilone, but it’s not serving Dimitris.

If you’re reading this, you might be interested in reading some more of what I’m planning to start writing soon. I’m obviously too vain to not have some kind of personalised web presence that’s not plebby like Facebook, and most of all, I have really missed writing (in case you’re wondering: yes, with the goal of making people interested in me or to help them understand me).

I do hereby present you, my new site, which at the time of writing is still not ready, but I’m kicking myself into action. I hope I’ll stick to that one for longer than what Cubilone Dimension felt comfortable for.

As for the fate of this blog? It will stay online until December 7th, which will mark the 10th anniversary of when I registered it. I don’t plan on renewing the domain name, so I only know that “” will become available soon. In case you’re interested to grab it and use it to swear at me with really big letters.

The 985 posts? I’ve yet to really decide, but I don’t think I have the heart to lock them away or even delete them forever. Not yet…


I changed the site’s theme a few days ago. Now I’m using Twenty Sixteen. Do you like it? It’s pretty good for a “default” WordPress theme. It shines in the small details: the way the quotes show up, how it displays the Spoiler plugin, the tags on the side and title on top. I like it. Let’s see how long I’ll have it for this time around – before changing, I’d been using my modded version of Twenty Fourteen for around three years.



Obligatory Cubilone’s Dimension birthday post. Cubilone’s Dimension turned seven yesterday. Hurray.

Obligatory musing on whether the person who started this blog counts as the same person who’s writing now. According to one of the latest VSauce episodes, the answer is no. Especially since it’s been seven years since that fateful night in Mytilini, no less, and every single atom of my body is allegedly different from its counterpart back then.

Obligatory confusion at the direction, lack of content and ideas as of late, as well as semi-long write-up on personal identity crisis that is reflected in blog, too.

Obligatory follow-up comment and notice that it’s not the lack of ideas, there’s always been plenty of those, in fact it’s the incredible soul-crushing plentitude of ideas and the inability to differentiate, my inability to resist distraction and simply devote myself, whether it be to an idea, as aforementioned, or a cause, or even people. In other words, I don’t put the work in and call it flexibility. It’s my personally most beloved and most hated characteristic. But could it be any other way? It’s all a matter of perspective, after all. Some people call me scatter-brained, some call me versatile or… an interesting person. In the most basic philosophical level at least, they’re not seeing a different qb.

Obligatory comment on how self-referential this all is. How post-modern of me.

Sometimes I want to see this place burn, the same way I’ve been having this urge lately to delete all of my photos. At the very best, remove Cubimension from the net, perhaps start over, perhaps not, tuck it away in some hard disk or USB stick next to the old MP notebooks, only for my own eyes to see and heart to recordar (to recordar, to remember in Spanish—maybe also Latin, I have no idea—is to pass through the heart again. That is what I feel happens when I truly remember, especially when *bleep*. Unless it’s a false memory, then it’s the brain’s vile work). At the very worst, simply delete all, forget all. Leave it to the Wayback Archive and the often surprisingly robust memories of friends and readers what shall remain of the past, my past, Cubilone’s past. Are we the same person anyway?

Obligatory reminder to not take myself too seriously. It’s not good for PR. Everybody’s taking themselves too seriously and I’m different, aren’t I. Or if I’m not, I know I can be. A unique voice that could, in the sea of unique voices that in unison is showing intelligence but the only signs of intelligence it’s showing is self-consciousness, while forgetting it’s a liquid, instead acting as a collection of vaguely connected assortments of molecules occupying space. That’s what gases are, aren’t they? They work kind of like liquids, but they’re, heh, farts in the wind. Remember, keep it light. Light but flammable, if possible.

A History of Cubilone’s Dimension + New Theme!

Yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and decided it was time for a new theme. I started up the Weaver II customiser but nothing I could come up with was better than, or even comparable to, the -also customised- theme I had before.

Then I realised that there was this new theme Twenty Fourteen WordPress had put up with their new release of the platform, as has become tradition. It’s the theme you can see right now plus a few tweaks I made which mainly have to do with Greek font support, different fonts for headlines, content width and the awesome “background” to the right I made in Photoshop.

It isn’t obvious -even I forget what this place used to look like in all its different itterations- but this theme is the fifth one I’ve used since Cubilone’s Dimension first came to be back in 2007. Today I wanted to remember what the site used to look like, how it’s changed and evolved throughout all these years. I played around with the themes still in my virtual dresser for a little while but then found another, much better way of looking back.

Enter The Wayback Machine, an unfathomable web archive that screenshots pages at  random intervals from all across the Internet and uses them to create a historical archive for the ever-changing face of the digital world. Fortunately, this here too site didn’t escape the vortex, so allow me to take you for a short ride through Cubilone’s Dimension’s modest history.

Link to the (navigable but time- and space-bending!) site on the Wayback Archive.

Version of the site from early 2008. Back then the blog’s URL was simply The references haven’t changed in the archived html and so the saved img src’s and href’s pointing to the background and CSS files are now pointing to nowhere; screenshots after ’09 don’t have this problem as that is when I created the main hub and corkboard and moved the blog to its current directory (/blog). The theme and background remained the same throughout 2007, ’08 and ’09, the same as the one in the following picture.

The original theme and background.
The original theme and background. Link to the archived page.

June 1st 2009 – first screenshot from after I had moved the blog to /blog because of my work on this, a primitive portfolio site but mostly an exercise on CSS (I made it for uni). Eesh, I can’t even look at that… thing!

Link to archived page with Tarski. The smile on the header is the one that started it all…

January 22nd 2010 – Tired of all the dark blues and blacks, I opted for something a little bit brighter. I like the photogallery at the bottom of the sidebar to the left, back when I uploaded lots of my photograms. That’s also roughly the period when I started posting more, trying to fend myself off Facebook by replacing status updates with posts.

Link to archived page. Theme no. 3 was Twenty Ten with My Friend The Unknown Insect at the top.

January 9th 2011. I went for a standard theme here to freshen things up a bit and streamline the blog experience, just as I did 3 years later (now). This theme was very transient because a few days later I custom-designed this:


August 7th, 2011. I was in Denmark then but the theme had been online for some time already. I can’t remember where I was when I was designing it – memories of me being in Mytilini and Athens at the same time both seem false, but the gist is that it was somewhere in the first quarter of the year, a lonely time in general, a time when I had all the time to fine-tune the theme to suit my taste. There was also a tiled floorboard background then which has since been replaced by the background that came next and so doesn’t appear on the Wayback Machine.

And here we are today. At some point mid-2012 I replaced the header and the background to better suit the mood I had then.

I had been using the same theme until yesterday, when I finally made the change from this custom theme I had grown to love but which I had never realised I hadn’t changed for more than 2.5 years to the one I’m using now. For historical purposes (who knows what the future might bring?) I’m also leaving a screencap of the brand spankin’ new one right here:


Thank you for this short tour, have a nice evening or day!

If Cubilone’s Dimension was my child, it would be old enough to go to school

Happy birthday! 🙂 Check last year’s celebration if you’re looking for something special, I didn’t have the time had too many other priorities to prepare anything for this year. I wanted to change the theme, freshen up the place a little bit. Soon…

Hexagon_by_czardas // deviantArt
Hexagon_by_czardas // deviantArt



Στις 12 του μήνα, 510 δημοσιευμένα ποστία μετά, το Cubilone’s Dimension έκλεισε τα πέμπτα (Ε’) του γενέθλια. Δεν το γιόρτασα στην ώρα του και όπως θα έπρεπε. Αλλά πώς θα έπρεπε; Αποφάσισα πως ένας πρέπων φόρος τιμής θα ήταν να βάλω σε αυτό το ποστ τα highlights αυτών των τελευταίων χρόνων σε ένα ωραίο βολικό ποστίο: τα δικά μου αγαπημένα, με έμφαση στα μεγαλύτερα κείμενα. Άφησα μερικά ποστ που στιγμάτισαν σημεία της ζωής μου κι ας μην ήταν μεγάλα. Δεν έβαλα κριτικές βιβλίων και άφησα μόνο τα editorials ή αφιερώματα που έχω γράψει για το Game 2.0, βγάζοντας τα review.

Φαίνεται ξεκάθαρα η στροφή στο περιεχόμενο. Το 2007 έγραφα σχεδόν αποκλειστικά ημερολογιακά και τα περισσότερα μου μεγαλύτερα ποστία ήταν σχετικά με γκέιμς. Έγραφα μόνο στα αγγλικά και με πολλά λάθη. Με τα χρόνια και τις εμπειρίες (ήμουν σχεδόν 19, τώρα είμαι σχεδόν 24), το τι με ενδιαφέρει να γράψω και να μεταδώσω έχει αλλάξει σε σημείο αγνώριστο. Τώρα δεν γράφω πια σχεδόν καθόλου για γκέιμς και γράφω συχνότερα στα ελληνικά παρα στα αγγλικά, τα οποία έχουν βελτιωθεί με τόσο γράψιμο. Το στυλ έχει αλλάξει όσο έχουν αλλάξει και δοκιμές για θέματα που ήλθαν και παρήλθαν: αστείο, σοβαρό, ενδοσκοπικό, θέλω-να-καταλάβω-τον-κόσμο, κοιτάχτε-με-επιτέλους, και φυσικά με όλους τους πιθανούς συνδυασμούς. Ακόμα θέλω να τελειώσω το 99 things I hate, να γράψω περισσότερα άρθρα για Αστείες Λέξεις ή (ουάου!) να τελειώσω το αφιέρωμα στο Ν64 που άρχισα πριν 5 χρόνια.

Το ΕΕΕΕΕ όμως παραμένει. Τώρα τι;

Και όλα αυτά φέρνουν την ερώτηση: είμαι εγώ αυτός που ξεκίνησα αυτό το μπλογκ, ή κάποιος άλλος; Τι κοινό έχουν πραγματικά αυτά τα άρθρα; Ποια είναι η ταυτότητα αυτού του σάιτ;

Η υπαρξιακή μου κρίση προφανώς δεν περιορίζεται στη ζωή μου αλλά και στις δημιουργίες μου.

Τέλος πάντων. Σας παρουσιάζω, ό,τι κι αν αυτό συνιστά, συμπεριλαμβονομένης μιας βροχής κειμένων και σκέψεων που ως μόνο κοινό παρονομαστή έχουν ότι τις ξέρασα εγώ:

Το ανθολόγιο του Cubilone’s Dimension


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Danish Diaries #15: Finale (?) and some thoughts on blogging in general

More than a month has passed since I came back from Denmark. I’ve been thinking: “I’ll write a nice big post that sums it all up! I’ll say what I loved and hated about Denmark and its people, what new experiences that place gifted me with” and so on and so forth.

So far, I have had no motivation to write that post whatsoever. I just don’t feel like doing it. My experience from Denmark, as time passes, becomes more and more confused in my head. Details are slipping away. My skills in Danish, after months of understandable, no, welcome unuse, are leaving me like the alcohol leaves a boiling pot of rakomelo. I get more and more tired of talking about Denmark when people ask for the simple reason that I feel as if I have not many interesting things to say. I mean, what: “Yeah, it was kind of boring and mundane most of the time, Denmark and the Danes were a disappointment for the most part, but the Erasmus experience was nice, I met new people and made great friends” blah blah blah. I’m just feeling kind of indifferent towards the past few months of my life abroad. It was generally an uninspiring experience. The most inspiration came from the people I met that became my new international friends, the ones that gave me the great motivation that made me want to learn new languages — I’m hyped to say I’m studying German and Spanish and feeling great about it. But other than that…

A good thing it left me with, no question, is even more of a sense of being a good friend of myself, just doing my own thing and having fun. This kind of independence, welcome as it is, also has left me a little bit scared. Lots of times I prefer staying alone and doing whatever it is I like doing each day than meeting friends or going out. Aarhus had me sharpen my introvert side to a bleeding sheen, made me just accept who I am including probable and improbable manifestations of myself depending on the circumstances and people and all that. But right now, I feel… not exactly not sociable, no. I want to get to know new people, sure. It’s just that I’m in the phase of “but where are all the nice people at? They must not exist at all”. Which is of course a delusion of extraordinary magnitude and unfortunately a very common one among our generation.

Another thing that’s happening the past few weeks is that I don’t really feel like writing or talking about what I’m doing. I’m conscious that, right now, I prefer just living, honing my skills and spending my free time in various ways and just not talking about it at all. Who knows? Maybe it’s because I feel as if I have no-one to talk to? I mean, even my blog. Even if I write here, what’s the point? This, the point: I’m trying to figure it out. Why not just go out and live rather than sit here, essentially boasting? I started off this blog with the idea to “write things worth reading or do things worth writing”. I certainly have done so in the past: myself from four years ago would look at me and beam with satisfaction, proud of the things I have done and maybe written. But, right now, I feel as if what I write is not worth reading and what I do is not worth writing either. That is not to say that I’m not doing things worth doing. No, no! I think I’m now doing very worthwhile things but of questionable narrative worth. With experience comes maturity and now I have greater expectations from what a thing worth writing about might be. I want to write something inspiring; not for you, dear reader, but for me. I hope this day comes soon.

Corkboard v1.2

-Τέρμα στην δικτατορία των τζιτζικιών! Οι επιλογές διάθεσης/εποχής/*insert dualistic notion here* είναι πλέον… δύο!
-Κατάφερα να ρίξω το filesize του .swf από τα 8MB στα περίπου ~5,3MB, με σταδιακό out-sourcing των ήχων. Βλέπετε διαφορά στον χρόνο κατεβάσματος;
-Προσθήκες σε περιεχόμενο (δεν θα πω τι είναι αλλά βρίσκεται στο πάνω δεξί μέρος του πίνακα).
-Διόρθωση μερικών ζωυφίων (bugs).

Corkboard v1.1 — Happy New Year!

Είμαι κρεβατωμένος και άρρωστος στην Αίγινα. Θυμήθηκα ότι δεν είχα γράψει για τις αλλαγές που είχα κάνει στον φελοπίνακα — τι φλασιές μου ‘ρχονται χρονιάρες μέρες… Ελπίζω να κάνω σύντομα και ένα εορταστικό Πρωτοχρονιάτικο ποστ, πάντως για τώρα:


Μας εύχομαι όλους μια καλή, εποικοδομητική, συνειδητοποιητική, υγιής χρονιά, γεμάτη με αυτά που έκαναν, για μένα και για πολλούς, το 2010 τόσο ιδιαίτερο, και με ακόμα περισσότερα, πιο έντονα, πιο καθοριστικά, πιο υπερβατικά. Μακαρί η αλλαγή να έρθει στον κόσμο. Το νιώθω, κάπως, το νιώθω ότι αυτή την χρονιά θα γίνουν πολλά τα οποία ποτέ δεν θα περιμέναμε, και δεν εννοώ απαραίτητα καλά. Για την ακριβεία, μάλλον μιλάω για κακά πράγματα τα οποία μάλλον θα μας βρουν απροετοίμαστους. Πώς όμως θα φτάσουμε στην συνειδητοποίηση, στην μάχη για κάποιες ιδέες τέλος πάντων, χωρίς να φάμε τα σκατά; Για να δούμε. Γκουχ-γκουχ.

Έλεγα για το corkboard! Αν δεν το έχετε κάνει, ρίξτε μια ματιά και προσπαθήστε να εντοπίσετε τις (λίγες) διαφορές/προσθήκες! Λειτουργικά, διόρθωσα μερικά προβλήματα επικάλυψης κουμπιών και πρόσθεσα και ένα mute/unmute button (ναι, Alhaz, άκουσα τα παράπονα σου περί εκνευριστικών τζιτζικιών…

όσο κι αν εγώ θα μπορούσα να τα ακούω συνέχεια… φαντάσου, κάποτε τα μισούσα…)

Άντε, ορμίξτε στα περισευούμενα μελομακάρονα όσο υπάρχει χρόνος!

Cubilone’s Dimension 3.0 — The Corkboard

Ένα απο τα μυστικά (ή και… όχι τόσο μυστικά τελικά!) projects στα οποία δούλευα ήταν η ανακατασκευή του κεντρικού site. Απο τότε που το είχα κάνει ως εργασία στο μάθημα του CSS κάποια στιγμή πέρσι, δεν είχε αλλάξει καθόλου, και γενικότερα δεν ήμουν ικανοποιημένος με το αποτέλεσμα. Με την αφορμή του μαθήματος “Πολυμέσα και Πολιτιστική Παραγωγή” της κ. Μυριβήλη και την απαλλακτική εργασία στην μορφή ενός fun και πρωτότυπου portfolio site, άδραξα την ευκαιρία για να φτιάξω ένα πιο… φλασάτο κεντρικό site! Νομίζω πλέον πως τα πηγαίνω σχετικά καλά με το flash, και αν σε κάποια θέματα με δυσκόλεψε αρκετά η παραγωγή του συγκεκριμένου, τελικά πιστεύω πως βγήκε πολύ ωραίο. Ιδιαίτερα το soundscape μου με χαλαρώνει κάθε φορά που το ακούω, μερικές φορές αφήνω τον browser ανοιχτό μόνο για να το ακούω…

Φυσικά και θα το ανανεώνω συχνά, και ήδη έχω δρομολογήσει μερικές αλλαγές οι οποίες πρέπει να γίνουν σύντομα:

-Επιλογή/απενεργοποίηση ήχου
-Επιλογή για αγγλικά κείμενα
-Χάρτης και version info

Περιμένω σχόλια για το τι σας αρέσει, τι δεν σας αρέσει για το ψηφιακό μου πίνακα!

Cubimension 3.0 is here! 😀