I’m A Spotter!


It’s been news for some time now that I’ve started working for Spotted by Locals, but seeing that I just finished my first round of articles and that I had neglected to post about it until now, I thought that this would be a good time to share the links to my work.

Spotted By Locals is a site whose ideals and goal are rather self-explanatory: have locals from all over the world write about their favourite places in their hometown and help make them known to people who have never visited before. It’s a decentralised travel guide to the awesome places, aiming for the sense of familiarity and wonder you get when you CouchSurf with someone and they show and take you to all the spots they love in their city.

My first contact with them was when I wrote them last year applying to be a Spotter. Back then they politely refused my offer, telling me that they were not in not need of any new ones but reassuring me that whenever they’d require fresh blood they’d contact me. So they did: in March I received an e-mail from the couple running the site, Sanne and Bart, in which they were getting back to me on my application. I did a test article, they seemed to like it and sure enough, next thing I knew, I had become a Spotter!

My main starting obligation as one was to post 20 articles within 6 weeks, a goal I reached just yesterday (right on time too). Here are the links for these first 20 articles.

La Bella Fornarina – Top-quality bakery
– Retro mode in Eksarheia
Mousiko Kafeneio
– The neighbourhood bar
Rema Pikrodafnis – Athenian wilderness
Beduin at gazi – Weathered wood
Shisha Coffee – For your oriental fix
The Wee Dram – The Scottish pub of Athens
Eugenides Digital Planetarium – Across the universe
Danaos Cinema – Moviegoing in Panormou
HBH Coffee Bar – Classy and loungy
Amin’s Falafel – The (falafel) prince of Persia
The Artist – Art café-bar
To Pagaki – Communally-run mezedes and tsipouro
Alsos Neas Smyrnis – Your lovely neighbourhood park
Peonia – An infusion of Zen in the old town
Psyrra – Up for some rakomelo?
Playce – I’d like to play a game
Pnyx – Chilling like the ancients
Parko Eleftherias – Picnic time in the oasis
Yperokeanio – Sailing in a sea of tsipouro

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