Archive – You Make Me Feel

This has been my on-and-off earworm for months now… Real surprise it turned up in a Garnier advertisement (thank you Youtube for forcing ads down my throat… On that account, I think this is the best short ad for the watch-this-before-you-watch-what-you-really-wanna-watch format).

Locked Within A Significant Other

The music video was uber-cheesy so I decided I preferred the real song… Thanks Neni for introducing me to Blackmore’s Night and this song! OK, Mordread too! 🙂 Incredibly happy song!

Silly yet cool video depicting Porcupine Tree while this song is from Steven Wilson’s “Insurgentes” solo album (just like Harmony Korine)… The female vocals are astounding in this song… So powerful yet so mellow.

These two songs have been playing in my head for days on end, my little earworms…