Got Rayman Origins from GOG when I got my new laptop. I played it a lot last summer but I kind of forgot about it until now. Wow does this game have high production values. It’s amazing to look at, listen to, and (perhaps, but not quite definitely) most importantly: play! It has this specific kind of quality upbeat silliness I enjoy a lot in games. Think Katamari Damacy, Paper Mario or Banjo-Kazooie.

Bastion – The Singer (Zia’s Song) Remastered

Also known as: “Build that Wall”.

Playing Bastion these slow, hot summer days nights. The day I was waiting for finally came, that is, the game to be on a ridiculous sale on the Steam summer sales: €5+ for the game and the soundtrack. What a steal. Almost as big of a steal as this song’s picking of my insides. Truly a great moment when it is first heard in-game.

In The House, In A Heartbeat by John Μυrphy

I had the 28 Days Later (jaw-dropping movie, Boyle has placed his name firmly in my favourite directors list long now) OST playing in the background while on the phone when this track came up. And it immediately hit multiple chords: that of recognition, that of awe, that of I-want-to-play-this-track-again-when-I-go-back-downstairs.

And I did.

More than once.

The Opened Way (Shadow of the Colossus OST)

Incredible game. Incredible music. Garret finished it at Mord’s place a few nights ago and we saw the ending… It’s a real shame that there aren’t enough games that try to innovate by being deconstructive and NOT look like they could have come out 20 years ago…